Why 110, guy?

110PacksSo, you may be asking, why 110? Why would I bother with a format that virtually died years ago? Murdered by a technically superior format which itself was nearly driven to extinction by the digital sensor. For me, photography started with a Kodak 110 camera in the 80’s, so when I saw a few point and shoots in a second hand store while hunting cameras for my collection I wondered “do they even make film for these things?”. Turns out they do, well one company does anyway, and that would be Lomography. I searched around the internet for few minutes more and found that a few labs will still develop these little plastic cartridges. So for $2 I bought what turned out to be only the first 110 camera of my adult life, a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608.

I hunted film but as everyone was out of new 110 color film at the time (one manufacturer, hint-hint, Kodak), I ordered some expired Kodacolor II off eBay (more on that later) and waited to snap away with my new, old camera. When I finally got to try out my 608 (’cause it sounds cooler to say ‘608’), I was surprised how much fun I had. I couldn’t help but think back to my early days when I heard the familiar ‘ritch-ritch’ of gears as the film cartridge advanced and click of a Kodak shutter. I had SO much fun shooting with this little camera, that I soon found myself with a half dozen more in this ridiculous format, my eldest daughter got her own 608 for Christmas,  I finally figured out a photography project to seriously work on based on the 110 format, I am looking at developing reels on Amazon, I decided to start a blog.

And here we are…


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