Minolta Autopak 470 (Part 1.5, should be the Photos)

So, I got the prints back and I am mostly happy with them. Let’s start off with the bad, though. First, nine prints were absent, totally blank negatives. I am not sure if this is an issue with the camera wherein the shutter did not fire or a problem with this roll of film or a problem at the lab as I have not encountered this before. I tested out the camera and the shutter seems to fire consistently so I am going to have to wait and see if it happens again. Second, I did not realize Fuji Labs was going to crop the 110 prints square (this was the first roll of 110 I successfully shot in my adult life), so the framing was wonky on several prints. Third, there is apparently a weird quirk with Lomography Tiger 110 film: pink spots. Several but not all, of my prints have pink spots across a portion of the image. I know this to be an ongoing Lomography problem as I have seen it mentioned by other photo bloggers, but I saw a comment on that blog that these spots are caused by pinholes in the backing paper and the problem is easily solved by putting black tape on the rear film window.

Now for the good. Focus on most shots was good, exposure was pretty spot on, color rendition was pleasant with an acceptable amount of grain and the prints had nice saturation.

I can honestly say that this camera and film combination gave me the look I was hoping for in this tiny format.

Aaaand, I have misplaced these prints, so I will search for them and scan the images in when I find them……


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